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Women’s Health

Women's Health Services

With myriad other responsibilities to tackle, it’s easy for regular health visits to fall to the wayside. We know that you’re busy, but we want you to know that we’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you. Your health is undeniably important, and putting off taking care of yourself can open the door for chronic health issues to prevent themselves.
The earlier we work on avoiding, identifying, and addressing potential health issues, the sooner we can get you back to what matters most to you. That’s why we offer a wide variety of comprehensive treatment options to our female patients.

Annual Pap Smear & Breast Exam

Many of the health conditions that affect only women are ones that often exist without symptoms or warning signs. The human papillomavirus and cervical and breast cancers, among others, can be difficult or even possible to detect without regular medical care. Your primary care provider can offer regular screenings to catch these and other conditions in their early stages when they’re easiest to treat. An annual pap and breast exam should be at the top of your list when it comes to keeping your body healthy and happy.

Family Planning, Birth Control and Pregnancy Testing

Your family planning services may include various methods of birth control, other supplies, pregnancy tests in our onsite lab, emergency contraception, guidance, and information. Family planning can reduce the chances of unforeseen health complications, financial struggles, and space limitations. We believe that all families are beautiful and worthy of the highest level of quality care, so that’s what we aim to offer to each of our patients.


Managing menopause-related symptoms can be challenging, as they can begin up to several years before you really enter into menopause. Common symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes or chills, vaginal dryness, night sweats, mood changes, weight gain, and difficulty sleeping. The good news is that menopause symptoms can be effectively managed, reducing their potential for disruption, with a little bit of help from your primary care provider.


While many people believe that colonoscopies are primarily for men, most health care providers recommend women receiving them, as well. This is the best way for providers to find signs of colorectal cancer. When performed early enough, colonoscopies have been shown to reduce your risk by up to 60%. This procedure can help us find polyps that are pre-cancerous so that we can remove them and keep the disease from developing any further. During the procedure, a long, flexible tube-shaped medical instrument will be used to transmit an image of the colon’s lining to your doctor so that it can be examined for irregularities.

Routine Physicals

Whether you’re already facing troubling health issues or you’re trying to avoid them, routine physicals are a great way to accomplish both goals. During your annual exam, you may receive a breast exam, pelvic exam, vital sign check, and exam of your eyes, nose, and throat. Perhaps the most important of all is the breast exam, which allows us to detect abnormal lumps and catch cancer early enough for treatment to be effective.

However, each component of your routine physical has the potential to alert us to present health issues, stop their development, and keep you healthier for longer. During your vital sign check, we’ll take your temperature and blood pressure, and check your heart rate. This helps us establish your baselines and monitor your overall health over the years.

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