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Pediatric and Adolescent Care

Medical Care for Your Kids and Teens

Our children are our future. This is only one of many reasons why it’s important for them to get the best care possible. It’s also the best reason to find one comprehensive, compassionate care provider that can handle each of their sensitive needs, rather than visiting several pediatricians or specialists. From immunizations to physicals, we offer expert pediatric and adolescent care that you can trust and rely on.

Child Immunizations

Watching your baby or young child suffer through a vaccination that they don’t understand can be difficult. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, but using vaccinations to help your child build their immunization to certain diseases can realistically save their life and the lives of others. You can play your part in stopping the spread of preventable diseases by making sure that your children properly build the necessary immunizations first.  

Child immunizations can also save you and your family time and money. When a child has a disease that is preventable with a readily available vaccine, they can be disqualified from daycares and schools. The health bills and lost time at work can quickly add up. If finances are the primary factor keeping you from seeking child immunizations, there is good news: vaccines are typically covered by health insurance.

Newborn Care

There’s nearly nothing more special in the entire world than the moment you get to take your newborn home. Before that moment comes, many parents feel worried or anxious, unprepared to take on such a fragile task. If this applies to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Newborn care is designed to not only make sure that they’re healthy and ready to adjust to their new life at home, but it also gives you the information and tools you need to ensure their health and safety once they’re there. 

Neonatal Circumcision

Neonatal circumcision is performed only after the penis is numbed, and doing so provides numerous health benefits both early in life and later on. Among others, newborns experience a decreased risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) within their first year and a decreased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) many years later. One of the questions were asked frequently is whether your newborn will feel pain during the procedure. Since they are numbed, the pain will be minimal. They may feel some pain, but they recover faster than older children going through the same process.

Well Child Exams

Sometimes called well checkups, these exams typically occur at several ages:

  •     Two weeks 
  •     Two months 
  •     Four months
  •     Six months
  •     Nine months 
  •     12 months 
  •     15 months 
  •     18 months 
  •     Two years 
  •     Two and ½ years 
  •     Three years 
  •     Four years 
  •     Five years  

These strategically planned exams allow medical care providers to track the growth, progress, and health of children at some of their most impactful ages. Development occurs more quickly in these formative years, and an overall visit with a complete physical exam can help record growth and development, as well as identifying and preventing any potential health problems that arise. 


Despite what many people believe, vaccination is a safe and effective process. It leads to building immunizations that can protect your family for generations to come. It not only protects your own child, but it also protects the other people that your child comes into contact with, both inside and outside of your family. 

The following vaccinations are the ones that are most frequently recommended: 

  •     Chickenpox vaccine 
  •     Rotavirus vaccine
  •     Hepatitis A & B vaccines
  •     Meningococcal vaccine
  •     Human papillomavirus vaccine
  •     TDAP Booster

Sports Physicals & Camp Physicals

Sports physicals are a bit different from regular physicals and are only meant to supplement health care in sports settings rather than replacing regular checkups or physicals. These physicals are more limited because we will only focus on the aspects of the health history and physical exam that relate directly to sports. Sports physicals are often required before a child can join in a team sport and they’re one of several classes of physical exams that we offer.

Camp physicals are typically very similar to sports physicals; they’re more limited than general, regular physical exams. These are often required for afterschool or summer camps, and they’re called pre-participation physicals. This wellness exam can be administered by your child’s primary care provider, and it’s a good idea to request one, even if the sports team or camp doesn’t require it. This way, you can ensure that your child is physically healthy enough to participate and that you won’t run into potential health problems in the near future.

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