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Family Services

Family Medicine

At Post Falls Family Medicine, we understand how hard it can be to find a different health care provider for each member of the family. That’s why we make it easy for mom, dad, baby, and teen, or any other combination of family members, to get the care they need all in one place. If you’re looking for compassionate, comprehensive health care for the whole family, here are some of the services we’re happy to provide:

Workers’ Compensation Care

(Existing Patients Only)

Accidents happen every day, that’s a natural part of life, but we don’t have to let it devastate us. We provide comprehensive medical care for individuals who are injured at work. What most people don’t know is that workers’ compensation doesn’t just cover accidents that occur at work, but you’re covered as long it’s related to your job. That means that injuries that occur when you’re on a business trip, completing an errand that is related to work, or at a social function related to your job all count too.

A slip and fall, regular fall, repetitive stress injury, or health issue developed from exposure to dangerous substances should all be covered under workers’ compensation laws. Getting hurt is hard enough, facing it without medical assistance only makes it harder. Whether you need a physical to return to work, an exam, general treatment, or guidance through the physical therapy exercises that you can use at home, our friendly, experienced specialists are here to help.

Department of Transportation Physicals

The Department of Transportation uses a specific test to assess the health of anyone who may be operating certain scales of commercial vehicles. This test is used to confirm that your physical and mental health are at the level they need to be in order to safely operate these vehicles without it being dangerous to you or others on the road.

DOT physicals have to be performed by licensed medical professionals that are listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry. We are happy to offer this service to our patients, and advise you to keep in mind that they are generally valid for 24 months, so you can use this information to plan accordingly.

Diabetic Care

In addition to offering diabetic care in our office, we like to give each of our patients the knowledge and tools that they need to take care of themselves at home, as well. Healthy eating habits and regular physical activity can be worked into your day-to-day life to improve your overall health, keep a healthy weight, and avoid complications. When you need something more, we can provide the medications you need to manage your blood sugar levels, so diabetes becomes something you live with instead of something you suffer from.

Onsite Lab

In the past, it was almost always required that a patient would have to go to one office for primary care visits and another for blood testing and lab work. Over the years, medical providers, ourselves included, have begun to recognize the benefits of offering an onsite lab. Enhanced care for patients with physical, financial, or time restraints is the primary driver in this decision. Onsite labs often help expedite the process, eliminate additional travel costs, minimize wait times, and generally streamline the process.

Surgery Clearance

Before you’re given anesthesia and admitted to certain surgeries, you need a medical history and physical to clear you for surgery. Common surgery clearance tests include X-rays, electrocardiograms (ECGs), urinalysis, and white blood cell counts. These can all be performed by your primary care doctor before surgery. Performing these tests helps us make sure you’re healthy enough to go through surgery and helps us identify any potential complications ahead of time so that we can proceed with your health and safety in mind, first and foremost.


Most people think of school, sport, and camp clearance requirements when you say the word “physical,” but they’re performed for many other reasons, too. Some jobs require that you get a physical before your start date. Additionally, regular physicals can help us identify potential health problems, prevent many health concerns, record your baselines for comparison, and develop a relationship with your provider so that you’re comfortable coming to us with each of your health needs in the present or future.

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